Grip It Fixings

Grip It is a brand new design of plasterboard fixing.

This product is designed for use with all types of plasterboard installation.

Using their uniquely designed slim gripping wings, Grip It Fixings fold out in the gap behind the board and produce the most effective and secure fixing currently available.

This unique design makes Grip It one of the strongest plasterboard fixings available today!

The Next Generation of Plasterboard Fixings


Grip It Fixings come in 4 sizes and ratings.

Yellow 13 mm - Max Load 100kgs.

Red 16 mm - Max Load 120kgs.

Brown 20 mm - Max Load 160kgs.

Blue 25 mm - Max Load 180kgs




Mark out the centreline positions where the recommended size of Grip It Fixings is to be positioned and then drill the required number of holes in the plasterboard

*we recommend that you use a flat drill bit.

  Position the Grip It fixing in the hole with the anti-rotation blades in a horizontal position.

Gently tap the fixing in to the hole with a light hammer until the fixing is near the plasterboard surface, then insert a screw and turn three of four times in to the fixing.


Continue to gently tap the screw head until the top of the Grip It fixing is below the plasterboard surface. If the plasterboard has been rendered with plaster, the fixing must be 6 mm below the plastered surface.

This can be checked using the special 6 mm gauge provided.

If the plasterboard has not been rendered, the fixing must be 3 mm below the plasterboard surface. This can also be checked using the 3 mm gauge.

  With a small screwdriver, rotate both locking arm shafts in a CLOCKWISE direction for approximately 125 degrees until a firm resistance is detected and which also indicates that the fixings arms are fully extended.

Grip It fixings are designed to accept screws of various lengths provided that the tip of the screw, when fully inserted, does not make contact with a solid brick or block wall.

To determine the maximum length of screws, measure the thickness of the item to be secured to the wall and then add between 15 to 20 mm for plasterboard and clearances.

How it works

View the video below and see how easy this new innovative product is to use.