Trendy Anti-Skid Snow Sock

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We have 3 sizes available.

Please choose the correct size for your vehicle.

This unit can be fitted quickly.

1. Put on the gloves supplied with the device and cover the wheel with Trendy® starting from the upper part.

2. Move the car by driving wheels for half a lap either forwards or backwards.

3. Finish covering the wheel. Any resulting fold will be part of Trendy®’s normal conditions of use.

4. It is advised that you do not exceed 25mph/40kph with this device fitted.

The anti – slippery fabric enables Trendy® to have a fine grip
both on snow and on ice thanks to its particular structure
and to the high tenacity fibres it is made of.
What you get:
1 Bag to keep it all together.
1 pr Gloves.
2 x Wheel Snow Socks.